• Erbul Yazılım Erbul AHBS

    Erbul AHBS is prepared by Erbul İnformation Technology for use of physicians and Workers of the Family healty. İt has been used since 2008. İt is a software that has been used by most of the physicians. İts main purpose; to record electronically family medicine healty services and transferred to ESK databases. Then open a file for every patient and store them up.

  • Erbul Yazılım Temperature Monitoring System

    Temperature Tracking systems is one of the most important elements that increase quality in many applications. This quality increasing factor will be encountered over time as a legal obligation. With Erbul Temperature Monitoring System, we produce economic and stable solutions to the problems of follow-up of various quantities. we takes into account the different methods of application when creating our solution and reflected it our designs.

  • Erbul Yazılım Software Development

    Erbul defines the framework and workflow that requires institutional structure. Systems and applications are developed in a way that will create value for your business. Erbul who move independently from brand and platform in all services, move objective in order to provide the ideal solution. Especially Java EE AND NET, it present solutions related to the demands and needs of each type in different systems application development and integration of applications.

  • Erbul Yazılım Equipment

    Erbul information technology present design services to firms who need special hardware design. Mechanical components and integration design of Electronic equipment and boxing designs according to functions are made and produced in our company. Equipments Design completed can be change and modified when it need to arise. As well as new designs, Research and development work on existing equipments contunies constantly.